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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 25, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and the male camp counsellor also shot in the ankle. the counsellor tried to protect the kids rushing them into the rental office of the grand view village apartments where parents were finally able to get their kids. >> i was just dropped everything i was doing you know, rushed over here, grab my kids cause, you know, children you know what i'm saying. >> reporter: police don't know what lead to the shooting some neighbors say there were signs of trouble over the weekend. >> i understand there was something going on in the they board hood yesterday as -- neighbourhood yesterday as well that is what i was told. >> reporter: police are looking for the gunman and intended target. some parents are having second thoughts about letting their kids return to the camp the violence was just too close a call with their children's safety in the cross hairs. back here live all victims or taken to the hospital the 7- year-old was hit in the shoulder sustained serious injuries but not life threatening police have a very vague sus text description of who they are -- suspect
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description of who they are looking for. they are looking the for suspect and intended target the suspect is a heavy set black male, pony tail, wearing a white t-shirt they are hoping someone who might have seen something will give them a call and bring these two people to justice. maureen ume fox 5 news. thank you. our other big story tonight, illegal immigration once again front and center in the political and social debate here in washington u.s. supreme court handed the state of arizona a partial victory over its highly charged immigration law. bob barnard is in the newsroom with the story. >> reporter: it was a split decision, high court throwing out parts of the immigration law but open holding a key section, civil rights groups are vowing to fight in court and at the ballot box. many outside the supreme court were anticipating a ruling on the constitutionality of the affordable care act president obama's landmark health care legislation.
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that will now come thursday. instead, the justices deliver add partial victory to the state of arizona reserving what governor brewer call it is heart of the state's controversial immigration law. >> arizona and every other state's inherent authority to protect and defend its people has been upheld. >> reporter: the court upheld a provision in the arizona law, requiring police to check the immigration tastes of someone they stop -- status of someone they stop for another reason. >> this is disastrous for civil libertycivil rights in america. >> reporter: not to worry says governor brewer and one of the state's most controversial sheriff's. >> civil rights will be protected racial profiling will not be tolerated. >> we are probably the most trained organization in the country, 100 of my deputies trained by federal agents, five week training where we had authorities to enforce illegal
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immigration laws we are well trained and do this activity every day. >> reporter: forced to, some say because the federal government fails to enforce the border with mexico. >> it is absolutely crazy they are not doing their job if you look at the constitution it says when a state is invaded that they have the right, to defend themselves and that is what arizona is being, is invaded. >> reporter: the court did strike down other parts of the law, requiring all immigrants to carry registration papers with them, another, allowing police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants without warrant. >> the court spoke today, ultimately the last voice or the last word is going to be on election day, when voters come out and defend against discrimination and demand a comprehensive immigration reform. >> two weeks ago president obama issued a directive, protecting from deportation hundreds of thousands of younger immigrant who is came to the u.s. as children illegally. of the court's ruling to day the president says quote, what
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this decision makes unmistake bring clear is that congress -- unmistake bring clear is that congress must act on reform, it is not a solution to our broken immigration system it is part of the problem. shawn. >> thank you bob. let's continue the conversation now. what impact will the supreme court decision have on local immigration laws joining me now corey stuart, chair of the prince william board of county supervisors, and enid thank you for being here. >> our pleasure. >> corey, we know you have been vocal in your opposition to illegal immigration pushing for a similar law in virginia what is your reaction to the court's decision. >> thrilled the portion of the arizona law upheld today was modeled after the prince william county policy, back in 2007, we knew it was constitutional legal there, here in prince william county, and it has been enforced for five years there hasn't been a single case of racial profiling, violent crime rate plummeted this is great news not just for prince william
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county and arizona but other localities around the country that would like to do the same thing. >> e any it is not just arizona other places are trying to enact similar laws or have similar laws what is casa demaryland's reaction? >> we feel, all the civil rights organizations are appalled at the fact that the supreme court would consent to this type of behaviour, this deportation, by attrition, a law that was approved maliciously, designed and approved maliciously, targeting a specific population, particularly hundreds of thousands of families that are mixed families that are under going a lot of pain out of separation, due to an incredible amount of deportation and this racial profiling absolutely is abessential -- an essential
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part of what the supreme court allowed today. >> let me ask you, corey said in his experience for what they have been doing in virginia there has been no racial profiling. >> there is a tremendous flight of latinos from that area i understand the area has particularly had a very high level of bankruptcies and foreclosures in homes, so prince william suffered economically as arizona has suffered economically from these measures, and that is just an indicator of the tremendous pain and suffering that this is bringing to not only to mixed families and also to families who are latinos, who of course, prince william is not going to publish and say we've handed these individuals over to ice as a result of being nice to them they are not going to say they are racially
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profiling individuals, but that is indeed what is happening and that makes people flee from those areas. >> corey she brings up a good point we have seen a number of people leave prince william county what is your response to that even though you say there is no racial profiling we have done reports and stories of certain members to have community leaving that area because they were concerned about the immigration laws there. >> a lot of people did leave prince william county initially after we adopted the policy in 2007 but what i would note is that the latino population of prince william county since leveled off stabilized and as that has happened, not only -- we survey, we have university virginia survey our residents every year a vast majority of kaw asians, -- caucasians, support it majority of latinos support the policy because it makes everybody more safer and it is led to not just a safer
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community, prince william county where the violent crime rate has come down almost 50% but prince william county is now number one in job growth in virginia, we are doing just fine economically and the long term effect of enforcing the policy improved quality of life. >> let me jump in here i am out of time but i want you to respond quickly what is your response to what mr. stuart just said? >> well, i guess from mr. stuarts perspective things have really improved since the level of latinos in that county has gone down tremendously people have lost their homes, people have been separated from their families, and i don't know what latinos he is talking about that are happy about this. when i speak to the friends of my own daughter who is a young person particularly males, they tell me they don't dare drive in prince william county and they are u.s. citizens. >> certainly this debate is far from over we can keep going with this one i do want to -- aappreciate you guys thanks so much for coming in today to get
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the ball rolling again and talking about this issue corey stuart chairman of the prince william board of county supervisors, enid gonzalez thank you for coming in. thank you for having us. tropical storm debbie putting on the brakes in the gulf and drenching the sunshine state right now. although not a strong storm, the massive amounts of rain could cause chaos in some parts of florida, and tonight, state leaders alert. bill keating hat the latest from st. pete beach. >> reporter: debbie pounded the sunshine state with lots of rain and high winds, as the storm stays put in the middle of the gulf of mexico. florida governor rick scott declaring a state of emergency. >> we declared a state of emergency to coordinate the use of all state resources to make sure, that we can respond promptly if anything happens. >> although it wasn't a powerful hurricane debbie still packing one heck of a punch in
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tampa st. pete people are cleaning up damage left behind one man said he saw a twister slice right down this tight alley. >> i saw a wall of water right there, and then, jumps under a car, and kept going that way, when i finally got out from under the car, 10 seconds later, we saw all this, and it was crazy and stuff, debris still floating in the air. >> he wasn't the only one, folks in the neighbourhood thing a tornado was responsible for all this damage one man describing the fa hill year sounds of a twister as -- familiar sounds of a twister as debbiewas unleashed. >> pressure change almost like a rocket attack when i was in afghanistan. >> the strong storm meant a steady stream of heavy rains flooding low lying areas, making roads more suited to boating than cars winds ripping trees from the ground and snapping others into pieces the worst of the wind damage in st.
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pete beach right there in that alley, two storey building now totally destroyed. governor says he has yet to descythe side on activate -- decide on activating the national guard. for the latest now on the path of tropical storm debbie we turn to sue palka in the weather center. >> laura it is all about the rain and severe storms produced yesterday with a count of 20 tornadoes across much of florida yesterday. so far today we haven't had any but as we look at the maps here you will be able to see the entire state has that red box around it with the exception of southern florida and also west earn florida. so they have got to continue to monitor that the latest update as of 5:00 p.m., this storm is still not moving, we've got winds 45 miles an hour it is just kind of drifting around, to the northeast at about 5 miles per hour, so we are definitely not seeing much movement with debbie and rain will continue to be the big threat here is the latest track as it moves northeast at 5, it could potentially drop another
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foot of rain across florida, right now looks like it will emerge into the atlantic some time saturday, still a very weak tropical system but these weak, slow movers produce all the rain not wind but rain causing all the problems ironically florida has been in a deep drought this has helped but now we have slipped over to the other side. we will continue to watch it, and the tornado threat will continue down in florida. >> see you in a little bit. >> the latest on that severe weather that swept through prince georges county over the weekend. >> ahead director of a local zoo arrested after questions are raised about the death of an animal. details on that as well. also, weeks after animals were slashed at a local park police thing they now have the culprit. and anticipation building at the university of virginia why tomorrow could be a turning point in the wake of the school president's ouster, we will be right back 
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brush fire burning on kent island maryland is now 100% contained it broke out sunday morning in stevensville, it took crews from seven countydelaware to control the fire. 30-acres burn total dozens of homes evacuated all residents have been allowed to return home. >> fairfax county police arrested a teen for attacks on several farm animals back in april, three horses were badly slashed in her honour done a month later, someone cut a calf, two goats and a chicken
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police arrested a 17-year-old and charged him with four felony counts of maiming animals, three misdemeanour counts of unlawful entry his name is not being released because he is a minor all animals survived. fairfax police made an arrest in a pellet gun shooting, june 16th. 14-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl were hit by the pellets outside the school they were not seriously hurt. two 16-year-olds are now charged in that shooting they are not students of the school. university of virginia's board of visitors will meet tomorrow to reconsider the ouster of the schools president earlier this month the board announced theresa sullivan would resign in august, due to philosophical differences. students faculty and alumna all rallied in support of sullivan and criticized the board for lack of transparency. governor mcdonald threatened to fire the entire board if the issue is not resolved tomorrow. days after severe weather swept through prince georges
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county nearly two dozen homes are deemed unsafe the city of bladensburg got hit hard. wisdom. >> reporter: well, we are going to take a live look at some of that damage here off the top this is one of the apartment building out here in this area you can see the roof is completely blown offles see some of the windows have been shattered right now some of the work is being done to start that recovery process. now after friday's micro burst here in bladensburg and she haverly the county is in the process of assessing damage to see if it meet it is criteria for declaration of emergency if they can do that they will receive federal assistance. let me take you back to friday, a micro burst hit this area and there were several roofs, on several buildings blown off, walls were knocked down, cars were tossed around, debris and large parts of roofs tossed more than 3300 feet from
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buildings, county says there were two minor injuries reported but dozens of families had to move into temporary shelters set up at bladensburg high school the county inspected 126 structures, 26 of those are unoff and uninhabitable you can't go back in until all repairs are done. we had a chance to talk to a resident in the area at the time of this here is what she had to say just how bad this storm was. >> it was oh, my god, close, and then we see like a van, go flying right in the -- i guess it was a post. there it was. right next to the tree or the pole right there. and the roof flew on top of that. my son said he saw the black car flipped which i think is that car there, flipped around. and oh, my god it was terrible. i never seen anything like it. >> reporter: now if you are
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sitting at home watching this grab a pen because we have some information to give you, the red cross is here assisting some of the residents, the county, meanwhile is asking any resident with structural damage to call the emergency operations center and that number (301)583-2230 again, (301)583-2230. that is the emergency operations number and what they are trying to do is get people who have structural damage to call them and give them information, that will better help them determine if this disaster meets criteria for them to get federal assistance in the recovery process. >> so many people effected by that storm thank you. another beautiful day, warming right up after a gorgeous weekend. and a warm weekend too but less humidity. >> yeah, i was going to say humidity is a lot lower today than it was. sunday it was a mess. >> sue palka what are we looking at for this evening. >> you will love the forecast
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this evening and beyond shawn and laura. we will heat up again but take a brake from the heat. wanted to mention something about the micro burst and the damage wisdom was showing national weather service estimated that down burst had winds of 90 to 100 miles an hour. down burst is when a storm is collapsing all the cold air rushes out of the storm and accelerates as it starts the get closer to the ground it spans out and does a lot of damage. we are done with the storms though, i am happy to say and clean up continues, sadly. let's check out temperatures while it is still warm and we are getting a reading of 87 degrees the big difference the front is well down to our south, the wind is picking up, it is out to have norths we, chasing humidity we are getting -- northwest, chasing humidity we are getting gusts, leonard town, 17 miles per hour the best news, dew points over the weekend they dropped, last friday when we had the storms they were close to 70 degrees, now our dew points are in the 40s and that is really
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comfortable, almost, a clean sweep on radar still a little activity closer to the ocean, watch this action as it moves on through, looks like mostly just heavy rain, not much lightning the real stormy activity down toward norfolk severe thunderstorm watch still in effect and tornado warning not tar from there just a little while ago your planner for this evening, 7:00 p.m., 83, partly cloudy by 9:00 p.m., down to 76 at 11:00 p.m., 69 degrees guess what laura some suburban areas are headed for the 50s tonight. more about the overnight forecast and what you can expect this week when i join you with that full forecast. >> thanks very much. see you soon. coming up, the pain at the pump is easing just a bit, we are going to tell you why gas prices have fallen this past week. as gas prices go down, vehicle break-ins are going up find out what is fueling the surge in the district  [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom.
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proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work.
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because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> more good news for drivers, the avenue rang price for
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airmail -- average price for a gallon of gasoline drops 10- cents as crude oil prices slide. according to triple-a the national average now, 3 hasn't 41, -- 3.41, 3.5 2 dc and 3.21 virginia. >> gas isn't the only valuable thing we put in our cars all those personal items you take with you can make you a target for thieves already this year more than 3,000 vehicles have been broken into, in the district more than 7800 were hit last year, gone are the days of thieves just stealing the cars according to triple-a bandits are changing tactics and going after easy pickings. >> what they are looking for iphones electronics, also gps devices, cash, anything of value, including parts to the car and clothing left behind. >> easiest way to avoid becoming a victim roll your windows up all the way lock
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your doors, keep your valuables out of sight. major theft ring busted in prince georges county, norman stole more than $40,000 worth of merchandise from a nordstrom warehouse in buoy. watches clothing make up all from high end brands. investigators say norman is a former security guard and set up all the merchandise at his waldorf home as if it was on display at the store. changing demographics what population is on the up swing for the first time in more than 40 years. plus dozens of supporters push lawmakers to expand gambling in the state. why they say failure to act could mean thousands of lost jobs. >> gay may recollect opponents -- gay marriage opponents in maryland, making their voices heard at the state capital. back in a moment [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs.
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a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself... while raising them on the middle class... and left the state two point six billion deeper in debt. so now, when mitt romney talks about what he'd do as president... i know what it takes to create jobs. [ male announcer ] remember, we've heard it all before. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] romney economics. it didn't work then, and it won't work now.
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back to one of our top stories supreme court struck down parts of arizona's immigration law but upheld one key end controversial section. the court ruled immigrants do not have the carry or own registration papers it ejected the provision making it a crime for illegal immigrants to look for or hold the job it also barred police from arresting suspected illegal immigrants without a warrant but the court did up hold and rule, it is lawful for state authorities to check immigration status of someone they have detained. supreme court expected to rule thursday on the federal health care law, the biggest issue here, individual mandate, the requirement most americans can buy health insurance. 26 states including virginia challenged the law arguing individuals cannot be forced to buy insurance. >> changes in prince georges county recent census numbers show for the first time in more than 40 years number of whites in the county is on the up swing. the number of asians and
5:31 pm
hispanics are up as well african american population declined slightly. with a little more on this is jim, the president and ceo greater prince georges business round table thanks for being with us tonight. >> my pleasure laura. >> most people moving into prince georges county are young families are they looking for greater diversity, better housing prices to what do you attribute this change. >> i think it is all of that, i think think do want community that is are diverse, the younger folks that are coming up are color blind, they are looking for ban gains in housing, they are looking for close in neighbourhoods where they coo walk to the local store -- they can walk to the local store, run into neighbors kids can play together. >> transportation plays a role because they can get into the city easily. >>ance lootly prince georges county has 15 -- absolutely prince georges county has 15 metro stops we believe a lot of
5:32 pm
this demographic change is occurring near metro stops. >> mm-hmm. >> going with that do we know which cities in particular are seeing thest growth when it comes to that shift. >> really the past 15 months, that census is drawing data from, we don't have real good information on exactly what communities, but certainly, as the reporters pointed out in the washington post article we suspect it is the area around hyattsville, mount rainier, college park, area not far from the university of maryland. >> we do know prince georges has the highst rate of foreclosure in the state of maryland if this population grows and shift in population to families having any shift in the housing market, in business and schools. >> certainly our housing market had been devastated as with many sections of the country but we do believe that is part of the draw, that there are bargains out there, and when you have affordable housing, all different types our school system is improving we have new
5:33 pm
leadership in prince georges county, baker, and the county council and their teams are doing an outstanding job of putting this county back in the game. >> very good thanks, it is exciting time for prince georges county. jim eaststep, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> area union leadermembers want voters to decide on changes to the state's gaming laws they demonstrated in front of maryland state house calling for a referendum on possible changes. they would allow table games at five casinos operating or planned in the state. a last minute move in the house of delegates threatens plans to build a sixth casino at national harbour and prince georges county. >> we came so close last week, to having something come out positive everything was looking positive and everything seemed to fall apart when this is tonnes of jobs, 2,000 construction jobs for years, 5,000 permanent jobs to maintain it and service it. >> unions delivered letters to the governorrer house speaker
5:34 pm
and senate president explaining why they want a referendum gaming changes and national harbour plan say they would compromise the profits of other casinos. group in maryland against same-sex marriage said they have turned in more than 162,000 signatures asking the issue be put on the ballot. maryland marriage alliance wants to keep marriage between a man and woman. today they emptied a van pull of petitions in annapolis. >> we are not against any group of people not haters just saying guess what marriages have the definition of marriage for quite some time we believe it should stay that way, and we believe that it is valuable to the very core of our society and fabric. >> 22,000 signatures for the petition came from montgomery county if everything goes as the alliance hopes same-sex marriage issue will be on the ballot in maryland november 6th. >> local marines show their support for school bus monitor after video of her being
5:35 pm
bullied went viral. this may look like just another cafeteria but this is not cafeteria food. i am beth parker this cafe just won a state award i will tell you what is so unusual about it coming up. up. @@
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director of a local zoo charged with animal cruelty and the reston zoo could face more charges. >> you would never know something was amiss at the reston zoo today but inspection reports show they have had serious issue s with care and treatment of animals. >> kidfamilys are still visiting the reston zoo and interact being the animals even though the zoo's director was arrested friday. 26-year-old megan is charged with animal cruelty, and possession of a controlled substance because of an
5:39 pm
incident with a wailing by back in january -- wallaby back in january. a wallaby like this one seen here had severe face and head injury, officials at the reston zoo told inspectors it was euthanized with a drug that had not been approved. >> another person at the reston zoo told fairfax county police a different story. >> allegations were brought the our attention, when a wallaby died at the zoo, there was suspicions and circumstances around that death, that caused someone to tip the police department off. >> a search warrant for e-mail and cell phone records says the person who contacted police, put the injured wallaby in a crate and notified the director. other zoo workers allegedly saw her walking off with the crated wallaby. police say the tipster later found an empty crate, 5-gallon bucket full of water and a trash bag in a dumpster with a dead, wet wallaby in it. reston zoo has been cited by usda inspectors for inadequate
5:40 pm
care for a spider monkey with cuts to its hand and feet, inadequate outdoor shelter which led to a monkey getting frostbite and shelters with sharp edges a follow up said all issues except the wallaby incident were corrected two charges against her are misdemeanours in fairfax county but reston zoo could face further penalty if federal authorities further determine zoo officials violated the animal welfare act. the family owns three zoos, reston, virginia safari park in natural bridge and gulf breeze in florida. megan took directions how to euthanize the wallaby, from the head. drowning is not approved. i should tell you both we did
5:41 pm
make calls to the family today and they were not returned. >> okay melanie thanks very much. >> controversy surrounding a new york bus monitor encouraged other bus drivermonitors to stand up to bullying on the buses. ever since the bullying of 68- year-old school bus monitor, karen klein went viral, to honor klein the mall at greece ridge kicked off bus monitor and bus driver appreciation days saturday. >> it is just trying to support her, because she has had such a hard time, and it is just making her feel comfortable and trying to help her through what she experienced on that bus. >> i mean it is great. i mean, it is like all this is coming to pass everybody is talking about it. things will be done now. >> many hope the national response to klein's experience will lead to new bus
5:42 pm
regulations. miss klein we have your back. >> she is getting support from a group of local marines the group from fort mead expressed their support after seeing the video one marine said no one deserves to be treated like that. >> coming up new information about what went on behind the scenes at the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. why it appears his lawyers were ready to throw in the towel. >> tracking tropical storm debbie, live to florida where the storm is making her presence felt. [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom.
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proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar
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for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. florida's governor declared a state of emergency because of tropical storm debbie. this is video from pascal county you can see there is happen be a tremendous -- there has been a tremendous amount of
5:46 pm
flooding. hi lloyd how is the situation. >> reporter: it has been a blustery day here in tampa, a lot of street flooding this tropical storm has been more troublesome than many of the hurricanes we have covered simply because it has all that water and tornadoes spawned off of the tropical storm, which continues out there in the gulf and they are still having trouble nailing down just when and where it will make land fall. >> lloyd looks like it could be a huge problem for florida, this thing is basically not moving, going to sit out there, a few days possibly and i know you have already had in tampa, 8, 10 inches of rain what is the city going to do and the west coast here if this thing sits out here for a few more days. >> reporter: well, everything is just about filled all the streets are flooded some streets still closed off there is just no more places, for water to go, we need that to recede as long as that storm is
5:47 pm
out there, that is key. the stationary position of that storm moving only a little bit sitting there, spinning counter clockwise and throwing that rain and that water over on to our beaches. beaches are closed streets are closed and tornadoes, this proves it is not necessarily the strength of the tropical storm but position, it was the northeast quadrant, dangerous quadrant of that tropical storm, throwing off those tornadoes we have had upwards of a dozen tornadoes cited some damages at least one death reported from a tore fay doe that struck here at high land's county in the south central part of florida, and other tornadoes have struck also damaging buildings so while it is not a major hurricane, has been a very troublesome and dangerous storm for us. >> absolutely lloyd what is ironic, florida and tampa in particular weren't you in a drought down there before debbie started messing things up. >> it was and goes to show you
5:48 pm
feast or famine nature of living in florida, when it rains it pours it seems quite literally this time, so everyone's yard is getting a good soaking if it doesn't float away first. so look at the bright side on that, we get rain get drought but on the other hand we would like this thing to come ashore as soon as possible, thinking maybe now thursday, on the gulf, coast, north of tampa, we would like to get this thing ashore, have it fizzle out so we don't have this continued worry out there, that dangerous weather could be spawned by this tropical storm. >> absolutely. thanks so much for the update from tampa, we will keep fingers crossed, and it gets out of the gulf of mexico. >> what a mess >> my mom has been calling me about this my brother was in new orleans there was concern there he lives in south beach. >> there is no steering. at one point it looked like it would go over towards new orleans or texas now this way. so we will have to see it is
5:49 pm
only drifting basically northeast at 5 miles an hour sox i just find that unbelievable they -- so i just find that unbelievable they have gone from drought to catastrophic flooding. we will give you a live lookout here we are getting so much better drying out, one thing i do want to mention is our humidity is way down and very blustery we have an elevated fire danger, late this afternoon and tomorrow, as well. but the rain is out of here and we will talk more about the much more comfortable weather coming in. let's go back to this tropical storm you may be wondering is this thing going to head toward dc it does not look like it folks it may be heading for atlantic but what you are seeing is that wide cone of uncertainty the national hurricane center puts out debbie is a weak storm as our reporter lloyd was saying, winds 45 miles an hour, drifting northeast at 5, position on tuesday, still in a bad to the for florida off -- spot for florida, off the
5:50 pm
coast, maybe on thursday, crossing the state and then into the atlantic saturday, where we think, it is going to stay, a little bit south and west, and we have motedles to though you -- models on that to show you too. this is a doppler estimate how much rain has fallen in tampa area, last 24 hours some spots have had more than the 7 and 8 inches there and then you get up toward the big bend of florida, in and around tallahassee area in the last 24 hours any where from 7.5 to 10.5 inches of rain and it is still raining hard up there, meanwhile, locally here, radar not seeing much, diminishing storm out toward the ocean city area i know you have seen enough of this last few days this one is just about out of the way now, lifeguards will probably tell you, you can get back on in. severe weather mostly down to our south and east where the huge heat was as a frontal system plowed into that tornado warnings down there, that system is moving quickly and the nice comfortable air will start rushing in you look at
5:51 pm
this and say that is not comfortable yet, 87 degrees, still warm, back to north and west dropping to 8 cumberland, 75 degrees -- 80, cumberland, 75 degrees, much more refreshing air mass about to take over. dew points 40s and 50s it is unheard of, we had dew points in the upper 60s and near 70 on friday and into the first part of saturday. so with those lower dew points, less humidity our temperature tonight will be really cool and comfortable, check this out 50s for the suburbs, 53 martins burg and manassas, 52 winchester dc around 60 degrees but that is still bargain territory as skies clear out. the breeze is picking up a little bit and cooler air comes rolling into town. tomorrow looks magnificent, 81 in the city, i would not be surprised if many suburban areas don't get out of the upper 70s with that north breeze coming in and bringing in all that refreshing air. 8:00 a.m., 64 degrees, lots of sunshine, by noon, about 76 and
5:52 pm
by 5:00 p.m., mostly sunny, and 79 degrees. here is your 35 day forecast, -- 5 day forecast while florida copes with their tropical storm we will be dealing with beautiful, two or three days, but then i have to tell you laura and shawn, the hot stuff is back, starting really friday and saturday, we are going to be pushing 100 by the time we get into the weekend again really warm temperatures at night we have to enjoy these breaks different from last summer at least we get some breaks, gearing back up for another hot one. >> speaking of good stuff something happened in dc that has never happened before a big awards ceremony honouring the best restaurants, sue palka was the mc. a bit of history was made. >> smoked eggplant purr ray, chicken with a white mole sauce. >> mouth watering menu, a view
5:53 pm
of the capital, sounds like it is stacking up to be one of dcs finest restaurants it might surprise you to know this place is inside the smithsonian, national institution of the american indian. executive chef chops a whole fig. >> how many museum cafes are doing this. you know what i mean that is where the fun comes into it. >> reporter: he had lots of fun sunday night at the awards handed out by the restaurant association of metropolitan washington. >> there is an anonymous panel of food writers everybody gets together and they discuss it and they vote. >> reporter: this became the first museum restaurant ever to win one. >> to think we all looked at each other and said did they say that? we all stood up. >> reporter: the category best casual restaurant. and one day later it is sort of like a marinade. >> it is still soaking in. >> reporter: it is a boost for staff. >> how we doing man. >> reporter: the menu changes every season there is a focus on freshness, even a cook book. >> they are not just cooking native american food they are
5:54 pm
giving something back about three quarters of the money they spend buying food for the restaurant goes back into the native american community. for example, this salmon was caught by a tribe in washington state. >> all of our salmon comes from the quenil tribe, washington state, our rice comes from red lakes region. >> reporter: buffalo duck burger, roasted tomato caramelized onion >> they come in have lunch and go back to the office. >> reporter: peter was here on business when people suggested it for lunch >> i was dubious. changing my view of museum food leading me to want to set up more meetings on this side of town. >> beth parker fox 5 news. coming up new on the news edge tonight, ethics enforcement dc council choosing a new leader to keep a watchful eye on major decisions why the nominee is already recausing himself, even before the job starts. sheriff's controversial past may end his career.
5:55 pm
we will explain. a web of lies new study of teen internet use, shines light on the dark truth what is going on on the net. surprising results plus the day's top stories and we are tracking tropical storm debbie, an update at 6 
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
>> george zimmerman's lawyer says his client poses no threat to the community and should be released from jail. his first bond was revoked after he was accused of misleading the court about the amount of money they had access to. he is charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. we are learning more about jerry sandusky's trial. his lawyers tried to quit even before the trial began. fox 5 learned his lawyer and cocounsel both asked to resign from the case just before jury
5:59 pm
selection but their motion was denied by the judge. the former football coach was convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse. news edge at 6 starts now. we begin tonight with questions for the man nominated to lead dcs ethics board. he now says he will recause himself from most ethics issues involving may you grey he represented him a few years ago on a personal matter involving grey's home in southeast. >> this is a case that happened years ago when the mayor was on council he had an issue with the height of a fence around his home the contractor did not get proper permits before the fence was built it was a minor legal issue but the man who represented grey is now the mayors choice to


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